Our Mission

Offering Gods truth and love to change and enrich lives of people everywhere.

We do this through local and global evangelism, prayer, training, total church education, financial support, recruitment, short term and long term field experience, community outreach, missionary care, social action, a missions resource center, and total mission management.

Because we believe in God’s expressed will and value people, we strive to create a mission active church, which offers hope, service, help and development to those in need.

Local Missions

Seafarers Mission – Mission Statement – A “Home Away From Home”, dedicated to serving a multi-faith maritime community by attending to the spiritual, temporal and recreation needs of the seafarers.         Seafarer’s Saint John Website link
Hillcrest – sends cookies, clothing, help out with the Christmas shoebox program, helps financially October we promote Seafarers missions.  Please help out with donations (cookies, toiletries).

Hospital Chaplaincy – A ministry of the Saint John-Kings Baptist Association.
Hospital Chaplain – Ministers to patients, families and staff at the Saint John Regional Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital.  Hillcrest gives financially in support of this individual.

Canadian Bible Society

They help in the translation of scriptures to people who don’t have them in their own language.  At present the Inuktitut Bible translation is almost complete giving the Inuit people a Bible in their own language.
2.3 million Scriptures were distributed in Canada last year.
393 million scriptures world wide.
The Canadian Bible Society recently celebrated its 100th Anniversary and was pleased when “The Centennial Bike Ride for Bibles” raised $900,000.
In November we support the Canadian Bible Society by taking donations.
Printing and distributing a Bible – $10
Translating a Bible – $15
Providing an entire Bible – $25

Camp Tulakadik
– Ministering year round to young and old alike – promoted in the spring. Camp Tulakadik Website

Seaside Park School –  Occasionally a team from our church heads to the school to assist kids with any help they need during lunch.  Opening items for the little ones that can’t open it themselves. etc.

St. Rose School – A team from our church heads to the school every Wednesday and Friday throughout the school year, serving soup, cheese and rolls to the students there.

Soul Food Cafe –  Every Friday from 11:45 -12:30 we have a community lunch for those who would like to share in a free meal and meet their neighbours at the same time. A short devotional and music selection precedes the meal.

The Caring Closet –  A free clothing exchange which opens after Soul Food Cafe is always accepting donations for our service to the community. Everything from baby clothes to seniors attire and anyone is welcome to participate in the exchange! Closed until September 13th.

Global Mission:

Action International Ministries

Ben and Jucelia Krause- Minister in Rio de Janeiro   The Krause Family

Canadian Baptist Ministries
Partner in Missions – Darrell and Laura Lee Bustin in Rwanda.  They have two children – Bronwyn and Caleb.    Click here to go to their CBM page The Bustin Family
Partner in Missions – Aaron and Erica Kenny in Kenya.  They are working in Muslim outreach among the displaced Somali in Eastleigh, Dadaab and Garissa.  They have two children – Tristan and Emma.    Click here to go to their CBM page  The Kenny Family
We also support the Waddell family who are serving in the Philippines.   Click here to go to their missions website   The Waddell Family

Edith Allaby WMS– supports CBM.

EFCC (Evangelical Free church of Canada) – Daryl is the Europe Area Director for EFCCM.  We support them financially.

SEND International – Laura Bonney and Ruth Haynes working in Uganda with VOICE (Values Orientation in Classroom Education).  Responsible for writing curriculum and getting churches to sponsor school and providing teachers for values to be taught.  Support financially and have sent short-term missionaries.   Ruth Haynes info

EFC (Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
) is a national Para church association that promotes public awareness of issues in the political and social arenas of concern to the evangelical community.  We support financially.

Focus on the Family – Provides resources for families, exploring social issues in order to better serve and assist families.

Various Mission trips both inside Canada, USA, and in Latin America