Rev. Andrew Morse

Senior Pastor

Andrew graduated from Acadia Divinity College with his Masters of Divinity and is an ordained minister recognized by the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches. He spent 20 years in youth ministry discipling teens, starting & leading youth worship teams, and loving people in various settings and capacities. For the last 3 years he has been enjoying the camaraderie of the church leadership while they grow together in understanding God’s mission for Hillcrest. In his spare time he can be found penciling for Red Leaf comics, reading a book, fixing a tech problem, or watching anime. He is happily married to Hollie and has two children, Emily & Caleb.


Kathy O’Connor

Administrative Assistant 

Kathy joined our team in early 2017.  Before joining the Hillcrest Staff she spent 15 years dispatching for 911, then Irving.  When she’s not in the office she’s crocheting or spending time with her four children; Ryan, Daniel, Allison and Emma.

Callie Cobham

Director of Music

Callie brings years of administrative experience from the office of Port Saint John, which she dovetails beautifully into her role of Music Director. Having grown up in Hillcrest’s music programs she has a great understanding of choirs, specials, musicals, and the role of worship teams to bring Glory to God and assist the people to meet with Jesus.

Pastor Sterling Huskins

Pastor of Visitation

Sterling is retired from a 32 year career in public education. He has been a member of Hillcrest for over 50 years, active in most aspects of church life.  Recently Sterling graduated from the 3 year Lay Pastors Program sponsored by the Churches of the Atlantic Baptist Convention,  and was recognized as a Lay Pastor in the Convention.  Sterling and his wife Barbara,  carry on a program of visitation among the Hillcrest family, and occasionally to others who may need a comforting word and/or prayer.